Current Grant Support

PI: James G. Fox

Grant Period: 5/1/08 - 4/30/18
Funded by: NIH
Title: Biomedical Research Training for Veterinary Scientists
Description: Train veterinarians for careers in biomedical research.

PI: Wilson, Co PI, James G. Fox

Grant Period: 7/01/15 - 6/30/20
Funded by: NIH
Title: Etiological Studies of Gastric Carcinoma (Project 2)
Description: This project tests the hypothesis that progression to gastric cancer is influenced not only by the genotype of H. pylori but also by concurrent infection with parasites which can modulate systemic immune repsonses and the Th1/Th2 gastric cytokine profile.

PI: Susan Erdman

Grant Period: 7/1/12 - 8/31/17
Funded by: NIH
Title: GI Tract Dysbiosis and Breast Cancer
​Examine how pathogenic GI tract microbes trigger extra intestinal cancer in tissues such as breast.

PI: Bailey

Grant Period: 5/1/12 - 4/30/17
Funded by: NIH, Subcontract from Nationwide Chrildren's Hospital
Title: Role of stress induced reduction in Lactobacillus reuteri on colonic inflammation.
​This project focuses on the role of lactobacillus reuteri in colonic inflammation.

PI: John Essigmann

Grant Period: 04/01/05 - 03/31/21
Funded by: MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences Core Grant
Title: Animal Models and Pathology Core (Fox)
Description: The goal of this project is to understand how toxic environmental agents perturb biological systems and to determine how such perturbations may affect human health.

PI: Jon Runstadler

Grant Period: 1/1/15 - 6/30/17
Funded by: North Pacific Research Board
Title: Influenza in Synanthropic Gulls: Are Congregation Sites Hotspots for Viral Evolution?
Description: Gulls epitomize the growing challenge associated with human-wildlife interactions and offer a valuable model for testing hypotheses regarding dynamics of emerging disease. This study will identify habitats of gulls associated with hotspots of viral evolution – findings generalizable beyond Alaska that can guide surveillance and control efforts of pest bird populations worldwide.


PI: Jon Runstadler

Grant Period: 11/1/15 - 10/31/17
Funded by: Kuwait Foundation
Title: The Underworlds Project: Smart Sewage Infrastructure for Kuwait
​Description: A vast reservoir of information on human and behavior lives in our sewage, but this vast resource remains untapped. The Underworlds Project is an innovative, open, cross-disciplinary data platform for monitoring urban health patterns, shaping more inclusive public health strategies, and pushing the boundaries of urban epidemiology.

PI: Jon Runstadler

Grant Period: 8/31/11 - 4/31/21
Funded by: NIH
Title: Center for Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance
​Description: Study the viral ecology, epizootiology and evolution in influenza animal and environmental reservoirs.

PI: Wang

Grant Period: 6/01/07 - 8/31/18
Subcontract from Columbia University
Title: Role of Inflammation in Mouse Models of Gastric Cancer
Description: Study the role of Helicobacter as a tumor promoter in gastric cancer and examine the mechanisms by which it contributes to the malignant process.